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BDSM 101 - Saturday Sept 8th - Final Chance to RSVP

Orlando TNG BDSM 101 Class RSVP

Saturday, September 8th @ Darkside Studios - 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


BDSM 101 will give attendees a general overview of BDSM and fetish culture  and cover topics from Basic Anatomy for BDSM, Basic Health and Safety, Dating Safely in the scene, Social Etiquette, General Play Party rules and Scene Negotiations. Additional reference material will be made available as well.


Attendence is $10 for a single, $15 for a couple and an additional $5 per member of a poly relation.


Remember completing BDSM 101 is MANDATORY for all new Orlando TNG members before you can attend the monthly play parties. Grandfathered members are still requested to attend but it will not be mandatory and exclude you from attending.


Please fill out the RSVP Form here if you are planning to attend.


Please bring valid ID with a name matching the completed form.

Other Florida BDSM Events

Thursday - Sept 13th - Fatal Fetish @ Club Dungeon - Orlando

Friday - Sept 14th - Central Florida Fetish Flea Market (visit here for more info)

Friday - Sept. 28th - Fetisha w/ Fatal Fetish + DJ Danny Bled & Ruby Luster - Ybor Cigar Theatre

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