bête noire (therapist_says) wrote in orlando_tng,
bête noire

TNG Halloween Play Party: October 6th

Come out to play and wear your regular fetish wear or come out to scare with your best halloween costume.

Doors at 10. Visit http://www.darksideactingstudio.com/ for directions.

New Members
To new members wanting to attend this months event, we'll be offering a special BDSM 101 class held before ths months play party. Class will be from about 7pm - 9pm. So feel free to change at the studio if you have a different outfit or costume for the evening gathering. BDSM 101 will cost $10 for singles, $15 for couples, and an additional $5 per attendee if you have a poly relation. Completing BDSM 101 allows you to attend all TNG events and play parties.

Other Florida BDSM Events
Thursday - Oct. 4th - Fatal Fetish @ Club Dungeon - Orlando

Saturday - Oct 13th - Metal Mosh Fest w/ Fatal Fetish @ Club Dungeon - Orlando

Saturday - Oct 27th - Flogging 101 - Sponsored by Orlando Munch's Newbie Group
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