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The BDSM Group for the rest of us

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A local chapter of TNG has been officially formed here in the Orlando area. TNG is a BDSM group created specifically for those of us between legal age and 35. Straight or gay, male, female or tv/tg, sub or Dom/me, new to the scene or lifers, it makes no difference, this is for all of us as we all know general munches and often even play parties and cons aren't geared towards those of us in the earlier half of our lives rather than the latter. So this is the D/s group for the rest of us. The goal will be the same as a standard munch in being a place for us to get together and converse without pressure or intimidation but it also will have sessions available taught from long time mentors and OTNG members on everything from gorean living to shibari to single tail and flogger usage, etc. This is what so many of us have been waiting for.